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Empowering couples to translate their relationship complaints into constructive goals and turn their lofty visions into everyday realities.


"Aiming for awesome early and often."
While she has a Masters degree in Education, Counseling and Guidance and 25 years of coaching and teaching experience, it is Gaby Sundra’s own “messy-to-magical” marriage that allows her relationship guidance to be so spot on. Her innovative methods at For Better Love are fiercely forward focused, gently shifting any negativity into concrete action steps. She’s a wiz at supporting couples in not just digging themselves out of a relationship ditch, but cultivating a couple culture of "aiming for awesome".
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Gaby's got just what the doctored ordered when it comes to healing relationship rifts, but it's her aspirational approach that really stands out.  Ranging from no-cost content to low-cost courses, along with a fun store and personalized coaching programs, she's got couples covered.


Access quick and no-cost content on how to Keep the Fights Clean and the S❤x Dirty before they start, as they get going, during them and after they're done.


Go at your own pace on the device of your choice as you explore our courses on communication, connection and creating an intentional Couple Culture.


Get personalized support designed to meet you and your relationship where you’re at now, while also cultivating and nurturing an intentional, aspirational, forward focus.


Tame the fighting tension and turn on the sexy tension with these playful, peaceful and passionate products for Keeping the Fights Clean & the S❤x Dirty. 

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Raj and I know full well that we could rave about a Playful, Peaceful, Passionate Relationship until the cows come home, still it might seems a little too pie in the sky to you. So don’t take it from us, check out the Love, Praise & High-5s that we’re getting.

"Most "relationship work" is heavy, dramatic and complaint focused, but with Gaby and Raj it's refreshingly light, fun and focused on what we REALLY want."

Jasmine & Tobin
Northampton, MA

"Creating our couple culture and engaging in these processes have been phenomenal and so worth it."

Laguna, CA

"Gaby and Raj are incredibly authentic, reliable and professional - a truly world class team of relationship experts that makes working on your relationship fun."

Toronto, Canada

"No one else has that one-two-three punch of simple, fun and effective. Their stuff works, and you don't have be a brain surgeon to get it."

Boulder CO

"Their unique, light and effective techniques bring love, humor and harmony back into a relationship. The outcome is awesome, but they make the actual work fun too."

Venice CA

10! Awesome! Life changing! Amazing!

Denver, CO

"t's such a relief to have this space to be more honest and open with each other about what we want most. We used to dance around things a lot. Now we're airing them out in a really healthy way. I am proud of us."

Venice, CA

"That's a fist bump for sure."

Los Angeles, CA


These four values are the cornerstone of Gaby's work with couples. If you have a sense of play, peace and passion in your relationship, you've won the relationship trifecta. And the best way to create play, peace and passion is to be pro-active.